Education and Fundraising Events

Our team has an AdventureSmart presentation team to promote safety and the outdoors. We can present the following courses for free:

  • Hug a Tree and Survive (Ages 5-11)

  • Survive Outside (Age 12 to Adult)

  • Paddle Smart (Age 12 to Adult)

Please visit the Education page for more information on these presentations.

We can provide logistics and communication help for large events. For example: we’ve even parked hundreds of vehicles at the local airshow in short period of time. In return, event sponsors have made a donations to the team for the members time and expertise.

  • Canada Day & Christmas Parades

  • Mother's Day Run/Walk

  • Fort St. John Airshow

  • Fort St. John Triathlon

  • Taylor Jet Boat Races

  • Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club Loppet

If you have an upcoming event and could use our help, please use the Event Assistance Request Form to contact us. We will discuss the event with our executive meetings and then share the request with the team to gauge availability. If possible, we do request that a honorarium/donation be made to our team for our team member’s time and effort.

SAR Hall

Status: Currently in Discussion Phase

North Peace Search & Rescue is currently raising funding for a new SAR Hall. While we're very thankful to the city of Fort St. John for the use of their public works facility, we need somewhere to can store all of our equipment safety, make training nights more effective and increase response time.

Building Needs:

  • Heated bay(s) to park truck(s) and Incident Command trailer

  • Training and meeting room

  • Storage area for gear

  • Overhead beams/anchors for rope rescue practices and hanging equipment to dry

Side-By-Side Transport (SAR3)

Status: Custom work being completed

In Fall of 2017 we completed the purchase of a Polaris Ranger Crew 900. The 6 seat side-by-side will allow us to deploy a search team into the field much faster. The unit has been equipped with tracks and can also be configured with wheels.

Lightbar, scene lighting and portable radios have been installed.

In Winter 2018/2019 custom work is being done on the unit to add the ability to secure a stretcher inside of the cab (extended out the back into the storage area, which has an enclosure). This project will require custom work and an extra rollbar to be installed in the storage canopy at back of the unit for safety. This project will allow us to quick and safely transport a patient out of the bush while keeping them warm with the units internal heater.

A 6 member team will be able to deploy to the field in the unit and when it's switched over to medical transport mode there will be room for a driver, medic and patient.

The project is expected to be completed in Winter/Spring of 2019.