AdventureSmart Presentation Request Form

AdventureSmart programs are free presentations aimed at increasing public knowledge of outdoor safety and how Search and Rescue functions in BC and Canada. If you would like an AdventureSmart presentation delivered to your group, fill out the form below and an AdventureSmart coordinator will contact you via email or phone.

AdventureSmart presentations by North Peace SAR are delivered by volunteer team members. Please allow sufficient time for us to respond to your request and schedule the presentation.

A brief description of each program is found below:

Hug a Tree and Survive Program

This presentation is aimed at children in Grades K-5. It teaches children how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do if they should become lost.

Survive Outside Program

This presentation is aimed at people aged 12-99. It focuses on Trip Planning, Training and Taking the Essentials. It includes information on how to alert the Search and Rescue system and focuses on survivability pending rescue.

PaddleSmart Program

This presentation is designed for youth and adults who want to paddle, whether it is using stand-up paddleboards, kayaks or canoes. Topics include trip planning, training and taking the essentials for water based activities. Segments on moving water and flat water can be added to the presentation depending on location.

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