Important Note

North Peace Search and Rescue (NPSAR) and the BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) do not solicit funds by phone or email.

Alternative Support Model for SAR in BC

The Alternative Support Model is a BC Search and Rescue Association led initiative to provide stable, long term funding and support for Ground Search and Rescue in the Province of British Columbia. For many years member groups have told BCSARA of the difficulties they have applying for grants and fundraising, and the huge amount of time and resources these tasks take. The project has involved consultation and input from every one of the 80 Search and Rescue groups in BC.

On March 23, 2019 the provincial government approved support for the ASM. This funding is a huge assist to NPSAR and will enable us to purchasing needed equipment, continue ongoing technical training and administrative needs. Additional costs will still be covered by other funding and fundraising.

Funding & Support

Financial support for North Peace Search and Rescue (NPSAR) comes from provincial and regional governments, businesses and residents.

The overall costs of SAR responses (tasks) are covered by the responsible agencies, with EMBC covering costs associated with the volunteer component. For example, the RCMP are responsible for rotary wing (helicopters) utilized to search for a lost person. EMBC covers rotary wing expenses to transport volunteers and to conduct rescues when conditions meet policy. As mentioned above, EMBC reimburses volunteers for some of their out of pocket expenses, as well SAR group equipment and vehicles utilized during a response according to policy.

The Peace River Regional District supports NPSAR by providing funding to cover some of the team's fixed costs (vehicle insurance, etc).

Donations given by the public and money raised through fundraising are used to deliver training, equipment and cover variable costs of the team.

Team members are responsible for purchasing and supplying their own personal equipment. This includes technical clothing, footwear, personal electronics and the contents of a 24 hour survival pack . Personal equipment damaged or lost while on task is reimbursed through EMBC.

Specialty equipment (swiftwater, rope rescue, avalanche) is generally supplied by the team, however some high price tag specialty equipment such as jet boats, backcountry skis, splitboards and snowmobiles are provided by team members or convergent volunteers.

Peace RIVER regional District Funding

Currently the Peace River Regional District provides some of our funding based on the number of residents located outside of the major municipalities (cities) in the region. This funding is used to cover the fixed costs of the teams in the Peace River region. The PRRD has stated that it would like to see local municipal governments (Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Hudson's Hope, Tumbler Ridge) provide additional funding to the regional SAR groups, but currently the municipalities have not approved this idea.

The PRRD is currently looking into new funding that would increase funding to Search and Rescue teams in the Peace Region, but it will rely on public, municipal and regional approval. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming year(s).

UPDATE: In 2016 the PRRD decided not to increase funding to regional SAR groups at this time. There will be more discussion on this subject in the coming years and there will be another motion set forth over the next years. NPSAR will be further discussing this topic with the PRRD and Mayor and Council of Fort St. John, Taylor and Hudson’s Hope.

Link: PRRD Projects: Emergency Services

SUPPORT FROM THE City of Fort St. John

The City of Fort St. John has set aside a section of it's public works yard for storage of NPSAR's trucks and trailers and provides a meeting room to the team for practices and training. We are very appreciative to the city for their support!