Outreach and Fundraising Events

In the past we have provided help for marathons, sporting events and even helped park, what seems like, most of the vehicles of Fort St. John at the Airshow!

  • CKNL Trade Show
  • Fort St. John Hunting Show
  • Canada Day / Gold Panning / Christmas Parades
  • AdventureSmart Training
  • Mother's Day Run/Walk
  • Fort St. John Airshow
  • Fort St. John Triathlon
  • Taylor Jet Boat Races
  • Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club Loppet
  • Designated Drivers for Special Events

Please see our Calendar for upcoming event dates

If you have an upcoming event and could use our help, please contact us. We will discuss the event at our executive meetings and then share the request with the team to gauge availability. If possible, we do ask that a donation be made to our team for our time and effort.

SAR Hall

North Peace Search & Rescue is currently raising funding for a new SAR Hall. While we're very thankful to the city of Fort St. John for the use of their public works facility, we need somewhere that can store our equipment and make training nights more effective.

Building Needs:

  • Bay(s) to park truck(s) and operations trailer
  • Training and meeting room
  • Storage area for gear
  • Overhead beams/anchors for rope rescue practices and hanging equipment to dry

Avalanche Beacon Checkpoints

NPSAR is currently working on a project to bring four avalanche beacon checkpoints to highly trafficked snowmobile areas in the Peace. These checkpoints will allow sledders to verify their avalanche beacons are on and sending a signal before heading out into the backcountry. As they drive past the sign, a light illuminate to show that a beacon has been detected.

Prince George SAR has a few of these operating within their region and we would love to see a similar project in the Peace. It is possible to run these detectors off of a battery, but we would like to integrate a solar panel to trickle charge the battery during the winter. During the warm months the electrical equipment will be removed and stored.

We're hoping to find some partners willing to donate their time and equipment to help make this project a reality. We're also wanting to involve the local snowmobile clubs and shops into this project as it would be a great boost for avalanche safety awareness. Many fatalities have happened due to equipment and beacons not being checked before riders have headed out.


Needed Support & Equipment:

  • Funding for the avalanche detectors ($250 each)
  • Concrete blocks to mount the equipment and sign on
  • Metal post for mounting electrical to concrete block
  • Solar panels, lights and electrician to wire it
  • Metal signage
  • Picker truck to place the blocks near the trails